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Weight Management

Physical activity is low in obese New Zealand children and adolescents
This study, published in Scientific Reports, aimed to describe physical activity and sedentary behaviour of obese children and adolescents in Taranaki, New Zealand, and to determine how these differ in Māori (indigenous) versus non-indigenous children.

Let them eat fruit! The effect of fruit and vegetable consumption on psychological well-being in young adults: A randomized controlled trial
This study, published in PLoS ONE, tested the psychological benefits of a 14-day preregistered clinical intervention to increase fruit and vegetable (FV) consumption in 171 low-FV-consuming young adults (67% female, aged 18-25).

Effects of interpretive nutrition labels on consumer food purchases: the Starlight randomized controlled trial
Nutrition labelling is a prominent policy to promote healthy eating. The aim of this study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, was to evaluate the effects of 2 interpretive nutrition labels compared with a noninterpretive label on consumer food purchases.

2016 Health Star Rating Monitoring and Evaluation Year One Follow Up Research Report
This report, from the Health Promotion Agency, presents findings from the 2016 follow up survey and compares them to the baseline survey completed in 2015 which assessed consumers’ awareness, recognition, understanding, and correct use of the Health Star Rating prior to the launch of the consumer campaign.

Evaluation of the Good Start Program: a healthy eating and physical activity intervention for Maori and Pacific Islander children living in Queensland, Australia
Reducing the prevalence of obesity and chronic disease are important priorities. Maori and Pacific Islander communities living in Australia have higher rates of obesity and chronic disease than the wider Australian population. This study, published in BMC Public Health, aims to assess the effectiveness of the Good Start program, which aims to improve knowledge, attitudes and practices related to healthy eating and physical activity amongst Maori and Pacific Islander communities living in Queensland.

“Basically you wait for an ‘in’’’: community pharmacist views on their role in weight management in New Zealand
Obesity is now widely regarded as the main contributor to poor health globally, overtaking tobacco as the leading potentially modifiable risk to health. Community pharmacists are delivering an increasing number of extended services and are potentially well placed to contribute to obesity management strategies. The aim of this study, published in Journal of Primary Health Care, was to explore the views of community pharmacists in one region of New Zealand about their role in weight management, including the perceived barriers and facilitators to their involvement.

Clinical Guidelines for Weight Management in New Zealand Children and Young People
This publication provides updated clinical guidance for primary health care practitioners and others who provide advice on weight management for New Zealand children and young people aged 2 to 18 years.


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