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Integrated Care – key links

Steps towards more integrated care in New Zealand: a general practice perspective
The imperative to better integrate health care in New Zealand started a quarter of a century ago and has accelerated in recent years, some of it recently showcased at the 4th World Congress on Integrated Care in 2016. There exist mature models of horizontal integration, patchy examples of effective vertical integration, and much talk from the highest levels of government of the need for more intersectoral integration. The concept of improving horizontal integration by co-location and collaboration is of course far from new, with many and varied primary care workers in New Zealand expressing the wish to develop closer working relationships in the 1990s. The integrated family health centre or healthcare home model with innovative models of care is only now gaining momentum in parts of New Zealand, but is yet to be trialled and evaluated at scale.

Shifting the Balance of Care:  great expectations
This Nuffield Trust report draws on an extensive literature review to assess the realism of the narrative that moving care out of hospital will save money

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