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Strategic Leadership

New Zealand faces immediate and critical challenges in sustaining an affordable, effective, safe and equitable health service in the face of financial constraints, demographic changes, escalating costs and workforce shortages.

The status quo in how health care is delivered is considered to be untenable and it is generally accepted that models of care, service delivery and health service funding need to change significantly.

General Practice New Zealand is well positioned to play a key role in this change.  With its focus on the general practice team, GPNZ has a strong track record in strategic leadership and our members have significant clinical and management capacity, experience and expertise.

Many GPNZ member networks are involved in “Better, Sooner, More Convenient” (BSMC) initiatives and undertaking transformational change. Their thinking, experience and willingness to innovate provides a platform from which effective and sustainable service, funding and workforce models are being developed.

GPNZ believes in the power of partnership and has adopted a Statement of Intent: Commitment to Nursing.  We also work closely with a number of strategic partners including the Ministry of Health, the Health Quality and Safety Commission, and other government agencies.  GPNZ is frequently consulted on matters pertaining to general practice and primary care service planning and delivery.

Integrated services, led by clinicians and delivered by multi-disciplinary health professional teams, are better coordinated and more effective for patients. GPNZ recognises the importance of multi-disciplinary team work and actively pursues strategic partnerships with national organisations representing the interests of multi-disciplinary team members.

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