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Leadership Development

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Nursing Leadership Group

This group was formed out of the previous General Practice Nursing Alliance to strengthen the nursing input into GPNZ, and to provide a vehicle through which to further develop the strategic leadership skills of nurses within member organisations. Membership of the wider nursing leadership group comprises nurses in leadership roles or positions influencing nursing development, within GPNZ member networks.  A small Nursing Executive team functions as an advisory group to the GPNZ Executive.

Members of the Nursing Executive are:

  • Rachael Calverley (Comprehensive Care)
  • David Harrison (EastHealth Services)
  • Philippa Jones (Western Bay of Plenty PHO)
  • Michael McIlhone (Pegasus Health)
  • Julie Nitchke (Whanganui Regional Health)
  • Melissa Simpson (Compass Health)

This group is charged with providing practical and strategic advice from the nursing profession to the GPNZ Executive.  The Nursing Leadership Group provides a forum for leading and promoting nursing development within GPNZ, member networks and the wider sector.

GPNZ provides professional and personal development opportunities for the GPNZ nursing community. Its commitment to true teamwork and the collaboration of the professions of medicine, nursing and management is further demonstrated by the inclusion of two nursing positions on the GPNZ Executive.

For further information contact Rachael Calverley or David Harrison