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Our History

General Practice New Zealand is an incorporated society with charitable status.

In 1999, a number of Independent Practitioner Associations (IPAs) with common values established an informal national group to enable them to collaborate around service innovation and development. In 2000 this group formally constituted the Independent Practitioner Association Council of New Zealand (IPAC) as an incorporated society. IPAC’s stated intent was to improve the quality and delivery of general practice services through “organised” general practice networks.

Running in parallel with the formation of IPAC was the establishment of the General Practice Nursing Alliance (GPNA). GPNA membership comprised nurses within IPAs and primary care organisations who held positions to influence the development of nursing practice, including those in executive and governance roles. GPNA was committed to developing the nursing contribution within the context of the general practice team.

In 2010, the team relationship between IPAC and the General Practice Nursing Alliance (GPNA) was formally recognised by merging the two organisations into a new entity: General Practice New Zealand. In addition, the Practice Managers and Administrators Association of New Zealand (PMAANZ) is represented on the GPNZ Executive.

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